Terms and Conditions: Workshops and Classes

Full amount for class is required at time of booking. 

You will be notified at least 24 hours prior to class if class is cancelled, and a full refund will be given (unless otherwise stated). To cancel your spot please email us at sales@artequalshapy.co.uk at least 24 hours prior to class, please include your email address (if different) and class date/name. You will be given a full refund unless a deposit is required (will be stated on class listing/advertisement).
No class spots will be booked or cancelled over the phone. 
Please refer to listing/advertisement to determine if materials are included in class price. Often kits will be offered as an ‘add-on’ to class price to allow students to bring their own supplies. 
Please inform us if you require any additional assistance (wheelchair accessibility, allergies, etc) 24 hours prior to class.

Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice (though we probably would let everyone know via social media/newsletter).