Work With Us.

 Below you can find info on any jobs or opportunities that are available at the moment. We are always open to collaborations- if you have an idea please contact us.
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In line with the Government Kickstart Scheme, we have one position open and available. To apply, you'll have to contact your work coach through the Job Centre or your Universal Credit account. 
Deadline: March 1st 2022 (Not our deadline, the governments).


Retail and E-commerce assistant. 

-Providing a friendly welcome and encouraging customers to pursue their creative activities. (Enthusiasm for knitting and related crafts like crochet, spinning etc)
Assisting customers, concluding a sale and taking payment using Shopify POS equipment. 

-Receiving shipments, labelling, stock take, preparing customer orders, shipping, Learn Shopify e-commerce platform. 

-Display & visual merchandising, window designing, window dressing. (Preferred: good feel for colour theory and inquisitive mind for trends in the industry.)

-Working with Fibre and Yarn to create unique products (creating kits, winding yarn, braiding fleece).
Opportunity to learn basic and advanced textile techniques, like spinning, carding, knitting, crochet and more! 

-Assisting with product photography shoots. 

-Work together as part of a supportive and creative team. With the look to becoming part of the Alterknit Universe family. 

-We require you to be aware of our ethos. “Everything in the shop is Natural, Recycled, Local or Ethical.” We strive to make the shop as inclusive as possible and welcome people of every race, gender, sexuality, culture and ability. We expect you to respect these principals while at work.