Animal Fibre

We love that animals make such lovely fluff for us to play with and keep us warm. Have fun looking through all the different types of wools and fibres with the confidence that we only support animal-friendly farmers and mills. For example: All wool is from non-Mulesed sheep and the silkworms that create our silk are free range!
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Swaledale Lt Grey British Wool Tops 100g
This wool is un-dyed. And it's 100% British and processed at a British Mill.SWALEDALE LT GREYAbout the fibre: Long and Strong! Predominately used in carpet yarns because of it's hardwearing and resilience properties. Colours vary between white and grey, perfect...
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Shetland grey. British Wool Tops
This wool fibre is un-dyed. And it's 100% British and processed at a British Mill.SHETLANDAbout the fibre: Infamous because of the Isle these sheep come from, Shetland fleece is in high demand and comes in a large variety of natural...
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Black Welsh. British Wool Tops
This wool fibre is un-dyed. It's 100% British and processed at a British Mill.BLACK WELSHAbout the fibre: approx. 31-35 microns and 80-100mm. The only purely black breed of sheep, the Black Welsh is super unique and a great way to...
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COLETTE 'Zero Waste' Rolags 50g Sold out
Rolags are wonderful because they are completely ready-to-spin. They are prepared by combing different fibres together and then drafted as they are rolled. This makes rolags ideal for practicing long-draw (if you want) and eliminates any fibre preparation you would...
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Natural Tussah Silk. Tops Sold out
This fibre is un-dyed and un-bleached. And it's processed at a British Mill. (braided picture is 100g)WILD TUSSAH SILKAbout the fibre: This is called 'Wild' because the silk worms are not in a controlled environment- after all, they are wild...
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